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Your Hypnotherapy appointment process. Choosing the right hypnotherapist for you and how many sessions you may need.

So first of all, if your issue relates to your health such as pain, Migraines or irritable bowel syndrome for example it is safe practice to see your GP about it first to rule out anything sinister. While seeing your GP you could mention that you are looking in to hypnotherapy. Some GPs will have a recommendation of therapists in the area.

Make sure your hypnotherapist has had certified training and is registered with an association such as The General Hypnotherapy register (GHR) or Complementary and natural healthcare council (CNHC). What is their background? Have they been successful in treating other people with the same issue? You could also check here wether or not they have professional indemnity insurance.

Make a phone call just to get an initial feel of the hypnotherapist, give an overview of what you would like help with. If there is a particular type of therapy such as Neuro linguistic programming (NLP) time line therapy, regression or parts therapy that you are interested in it will be worth mentioning here. You may like to be provided with a recording for you to listen to in your own time.

Book your consultation- this is a very important part of the whole process and it is beneficial for you to be as open as you can be here. During your consultation it will come to light exactly what needs work and what the challenges and the barriers might be. Quite often I uncover things in this session which you may not have realised as being linked to the problem, exacerbating it further. Your initial consultation will often be free, just make sure you check this before you commit!

If you are completely happy with the therapist here and you have agreed on the amount of sessions it will take then that’s great! However, if you aren’t then that’s fine, a good thing to do here would be to seek another therapist that you are happy with.

Book your sessions! At this point your therapist will know how many you would benefit from. For some issues it could take one session, for deeper routed issues such as depression, anxiety or trauma it could take 3-6 sessions, but this should be agreed at your consultation.

At your first session It is great that you will have met and spoken to your chosen hypnotherapist and you are familiar with the surroundings, you will have built a rapport which means you can feel relaxed and safe. The first time I experienced hypnotherapy I felt like my whole body had just had a lovely massage and I remember being filled with motivation, my mind was instantly clearer and I felt ready to deal with the things that had been troubling me. Sessions won’t usually take more than one hour.

Update your therapist. I encourage my clients to drop me a message each day when it is convenient, just to see how they are getting on. Keeping in touch in between sessions helps your therapist to plan your next session even better.

Write things down- journaling is such a fantastic habit to get in to. It’s great to write your worries and stresses down and also really good to write down all of the good things no matter how small it may be, you can take this to your next session.


This is an example to help you understand how a hypnotherapist will work with you. Of course not all Hypnotherapists will work in this same way.

Look out for my blog on what happens during the hypnotherapy session where I break the whole hypnotherapy session down and how it is put together, how it works!

Thank you

Denise x

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