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Well most of you may have heard about or seen hypnosis in action… Maybe seeing people on stage with a hypnotist who has brought about a fast induction of hypnosis and has people doing all weird and wonderful things…

Hypnotherapy is so much more than that, however, from this I suppose it has highlighted what as powerful tool it can be… and brought some entertainment along with it!

So let’s look at the therapy part.  Well this is what makes the difference.  As a Nurse I have come across all different types of therapy that people can access, Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) counselling,  psychotherapy among others… people tend to seek for the therapy which best suits them.

I can honestly say that I  have found hypnotherapy can work in a smaller space of time and has also been known to be more effective for a lot of people…It works for me!

My career has brought me to meet all kinds of people and taught me so much about the power of conversational therapy ‘it’s good to talk!’

How strange is it when you’re driving on a route you take most days and when you reach your destination you realise you weren’t taking as much notice as you might have done when you first started it! Or you are watching a movie and become so enthralled with it you switch off? Or when you listen to music? This is hypnosis.

We complete so many different day to day tasks on ‘auto pilot’ and become unconsciously competent. This is where our amazing minds have our back! It takes care of us and in return hypnotherapy takes care of the mind.

The crux of hypnotherapy is actually very simple. Always in your own time by using really kind relaxing techniques you are brought about to a really deep relaxing state, similar to the one you experience just before you nod off to sleep at night (beta and alpha stages of sleep)  You are absolutely aware of your surroundings and what is happening at all times. There is zero danger here and that is another beauty of hypnotherapy there are no side effects.

So it is in this relaxing state that a hypnotherapist can then talk to you and your sub conscious mind will take it all in  as it is more awake during this state of relaxation.

The experience of hypnosis is completely personal to each individual. I like to think of it as a spa break for my mind, because whenever I have had hypnotherapy I feel completely refreshed, my mind feels a lot clearer, I feel more energised and focussed.

Hypnotherapy can help with just about any issue, a few examples are pain, phobias, anxiety, depression, weight loss, addiction, anger management, self esteem, fear of flying or even if you need help for a job interview and there is so much more.

The sessions are completely personalised to you and a consultation will allow me to put together a unique plan tailored to you and your needs.

Therapy is such a normal thing for people to access these days with busy lives and increasing demands on us all to fit everything in. It is no wonder that we can find it difficult to find the time to spend on ourselves.  But this is so important, we cannot help others until we are ourselves working to our best!

I hope I have given a little insight here in to the world of what I can offer. If you are interested in positive self change and would like an informal confidential chat and see how we could work together to make your changes please contact Denise Bennett Hypnotherapy 07863032749 or email Or complete the online enquiry form.

Thank you for reading.

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